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A List of Things That Happen



One of the things I struggle with when writing a story is remembering what kinds of things happen, so that I can have them happen to my characters. It gets so hard to know what a thing is that happens when you think about it too hard. So, as a service to others, I'm compiling a list of things that happen. I collect them at readings and other live events, and trawl headlines for verbs that indicate a THING HAPPENING. These will be anthologized in a reference volume titled THINGS HAPPENING.

If you know of a thing that happens and would like to include it in the reference anthology, please submit it here.

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.::. robbed at gunpoint .::. switched at birth .::. got a summer job at the rollerskate palace .::. court ordered to attend an AA meeting .::. faked living in a hotel .::. turned into a cat .::. the power goes out .::. ate a green potato chip .::. the mailman keeps delivering packages that don't belong to you until you finally open one .::. fell in love with a bully .::. stole a car and got away with it .::. named a palm tree after your dead brother, then worried about keeping the palm tree alive .::. attended a stranger's wedding .::. lost in the hospital .::.